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CONSISTENCY. Easy to understand, challenging to apply. An easy definition for consistency is “to create a standard”. The challenging part is how to create that standard! As you can see in the picture, progress and motivation are necessary components for consistency, but HOW do you create progress and HOW do you stay motivated? Try these …

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As I stated in a previous post, music speaks to me often! Well, here\’s another song that truly puts into words what many of us are experiencing with the current cycle of awakening/reckoning/call to action we are in… From their album \”Miracle Pill\”, the Goo Goo Dolls single \”Fearless\” truly puts words to what being …

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One truly important factor in the rebuild I began 25 years ago started with going to lunch with another one of my best friend\’s fathers. He took me to lunch while I was in the midst of trying to recover and begin rebuilding myself from the extreme self-destructive cycle I was in from dealing with …

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