One truly important factor in the rebuild I began 25 years ago started with going to lunch with another one of my best friend\’s fathers. He took me to lunch while I was in the midst of trying to recover and begin rebuilding myself from the extreme self-destructive cycle I was in from dealing with the heavy burden grief I had never experienced before. What he told me was based off of the Chinese word for CRISIS

(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_word_for_%22crisis%22)… while often incorrectly translated to be made of the words \”danger\” and \”opportunity\”, the more accurate translation seems to be closer to \”dangerous/precarious\” and \”change point\”… and it is still applicable to what my friend\’s father said that saved my life!

Since this was 25 years ago, I\’m paraphrasing a bit, but he said \’with Spank\’s death, we were all in and dealing with a crisis. Out of this crisis, we had a choice. We (me) could continue on the precarious (dangerous) path of self-destruction, or we could use this as an opportunity (change point) to continue to live and honor the memory of our friend. But the hard part is you have to make the choice on what to do\’.

I\’ve never forgotten this to this very day, as it became something I\’ve used to deal with many more crises that came my way and unknowingly, it helped me structure my coaching practice and philosophy by introducing me to the power of choice all those years ago. Always remember that rebuilding is a choice. Not giving up, not quitting, and choosing to do the hard work to rebuild is a difficult, but essential choice in living our truth!

Rebuilding – what does that mean to you? In this video, I give you examples of what it means and how rebuilding has shown up in my life.

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