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How did this whole thing start, you ask? Great question! One could say it started when I was born on March 14th, 1975! (almost 2 months early) Another way to say it started is because I’ve been searching for a way to make an impact on this world, and leave it a little better than I found it. You can definitely say it started because as I’ve gotten older and lived through some experiences – spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional – I’ve become more aware of how my actions and choices were connected to my total upbringing (spiritual, physical, mental, emotional). By understanding how my choices affected those areas of my life, having the courage to change, and learning how to make better choices, the results I’ve seen continue to motivate me to commit to the relentless pursuit of striving for greatness! I’ve learned to navigate life and recover from the physical, emotional, and mental ‘injuries’ by using new tools that I did not have when I was younger. The answer to the original question – how did this whole thing start? – is all of the above!
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If I had to put a date on my fitness journey, the road to a healthier lifestyle started around 2014. I’ve always been an active person and was into sports when I was younger. As an adult, while trying to find ways to work fitness and exercise into my life, I started bike commuting to work as a way to ride more often. This was relatively low impact based on some of the physical injuries I was trying to recover from (leg injuries).

As time went on, I continued to try and find ways to increase my activity and stave off the dreaded medication to “fix” my impending health issues. What started as a goal of functional mobility morphed and evolved into running more in 2015 and 2016, doing my first sprint triathlon in 2017, doing my first obstacle course race (OCR) – a Spartan Sprint trail race – in 2018, and completing 10 registered various race events, including my first half-marathon (13.1) in 2019!

I felt that I had enough life experience to be able to give back and help people learn from the lessons I had already learned and to continue to try and live by example. While being available and open to coach people in need of accountability, compassion, motivation, and who are ready to change their mindset, my REAL PASSION lies with coaching and mentoring Black men to THRIVE, despite the stereotypes placed upon us! Inspired by the number 44 – the age I turned in 2019 – I did a random google search into “how to become a life coach” and that’s when the next door opened…training at Health Coach Institute and their BHC program brought me to the next level on this journey and into the world of health and life coaching! Leading by example and being a positive influence in people’s individual lives, AND the world at large, has always been important and felt very natural to me. Whether it’s been inspiring people with my own personal journey (including my flaws and shortcomings), being an encourager for every win no matter how small, or helping people to understand their choices and see the clarity in those choices, coaching has existed in my life far longer than I ever knew! Having trained with HCI, and later HPC (High Performance Coaches), my purpose has never been clearer! Along with the empowerment I gained in my personal life, learning to be more present, I coach others to help them reclaim their personal power and step into the life they want! This is MY story, and I’m so grateful it’s not completed yet! Stay tuned to see what’s next on this amazing journey of life! So what’s your story? Are you ready to turn the page, are you ready for the next chapter? How can I help you strive for greatness?
Also during this physical evolution I began to look at changes for my diet. I was never considered obese in society, (only by true medical standards and definitions) but losing about 30lbs in 2016 made a big difference in my life. Not only have I kept the weight off, I continue to lose weight slowly but surely! I now continue to evolve and transform my diet into more plant based eating, have worked with a personal trainer more frequently, and work to increase my fitness community ‘families’…. so what was the next step?

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In the past 3+ years of coaching, I’ve had many clients. I’ve also connected with a variety of people through different trainings, events, and masterminds! Click the links to see what people have to say about my

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