Pandemic Fatigue

A little vulnerability and disclosure here… but I truly don\’t feel it\’s being vulnerable as much as it\’s being honest! How can you trust things I say or listen to things I talk about if I\’m not forthcoming with how I\’m also affected on a personal level? So here goes – this pandemic has taken it\’s toll on me! In all aspects for sure, but seemingly more on my physical training. Mentally and emotionally, I\’ve been able to do well with staying connected to people and truly taking moments for mental and emotional health when necessary (sometimes daily). Physically, while I\’ve been biking a ton, also running and walking, my weight training has been almost non-existent. The obvious part in the lack of weight training has been the closing of gyms for the health concerns. The not obvious part is the lack of motivation due to surroundings (meaning NOT in a gym) and also dealing with any additional stresses that have come about. I started off in March and April fairly well since I have a couple sets of dumbbells, a pull-up bar, and some bands to accommodate an at home strength workout. But as time has worn on, the desire to do these at home workouts has been less and less, and I understand the reasons why.

Well, I\’m writing this today to tell you one simple message – DO NOT QUIT, DO NOT GIVE UP!!! Give yourself some grace certainly, there is NO playbook on how to manage through something like this. If you truly are about continuing, maintaining, or even starting a healthy lifestyle, then please do not quit. Due to some truly tough and unfortunate circumstances, I have pushed myself back into doing some at home strength workouts… and while it\’s definitely a rebuilding process, the mental benefits have been tremendous!!! It\’s only the beginning, but I feel so much better after having pushed myself to do them. And if you\’re wondering, I\’m starting with a small goal – aiming for 2 strength workouts a week. And 3+ exercises included in those workouts. That\’s a reasonable start for me, it\’s a do-able action step in order to not overwhelm myself and become negative or disappointed upon not reaching a goal.

If there\’s one thing I\’d like you to take away from my journey, it\’s DO NOT GIVE UP, DO NOT QUIT!! I\’d also like to say it the way I heard from my wife\’s cousin because it has so much meaning to it – \”DON\’T GIVE UP THE SHIP!!\”

Please read this twitter thread from Dr. Aisha Ahmad (an absolute fantastic person to follow as well)… Dr. Ahmad provides some excellent insight for what we\’re going through, even before this thread… https://twitter.com/ProfAishaAhmad/status/1307697965260328961?s=09

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