A good democracy requires civic participation… from ALL its citizens

While I know many people are skeptical (and with just cause) of government, do not let the selfishness and tyranny of misguided officials skew how representative democracy is supposed to work. I fully understand and know about the many constructs that are in place to suppress voters, and in particular minority voters. Please know that there are several organizations and individuals working extremely hard to fight voter suppression (just research many initiatives that the NBA has put forth within the last several months). With all that being said, it is EXTREMELY CRITICAL that you exercise your civic duty by voting, and voting informed!! This current system that provides so many hidden and overt places for social inequality… one of the most fundamental ways to change that system is to elect the officials that will govern with ALL people\’s interest. Only way to change the elected officials on ANY level is to VOTE!!!

Here are two (of many) useful websites and tools to help you become registered to vote and to become an informed voter – howto.vote and ballotready.org

Be sure to check out the next episode of Move The Needle (normally released at the beginning of each month, but released early this time because of the deadlines for voter registration that vary from state to state) on the LiveAllGood Podcast – a much deeper discussion about democracy and voting. This episode, and all the LiveAllGood Podcast episodes, can be found on the podcast page of this website or search your favorite podcast player to find it.

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