DOn\’t quIT

I haven\’t posted about my own training for awhile… because I didn\’t feel like I was getting anything done!!! I\’m sure we ALL have felt like that during this pandemic!! So I haven\’t swam since February 2020… I haven\’t done any strength workouts consistently, if at all… my diet has been just OK at best – all these things are the negative part of what I\’ve been focused on. Once I stopped to actually look at what I have been doing… well – I\’ve run 20+ miles every month since January 2020, I\’ve biked 100+ miles every month since March 2020, I completed 1 in-person event and 5 virtual events, I improved my VO2 Max (without that being a goal), set a new PR for a 10K, set a new high mileage mark for running in 1 calendar year, and my biking and running distances are longer on average than they were 4 years ago (and without a hydration pack)!!! Damn! I have accomplished more than I thought during this crippling pandemic!

My point is – I encourage you all to stop and take a look at the things you HAVE DONE instead of focusing on the things you have not done!! I\’ll bet you\’ll surprise yourself like I did! Once you acknowledge what you HAVE DONE, give yourself a standing ovation!!! The fact of the matter is that for ANYTHING to get better, it takes time, belief, commitment, discipline, and consistency. I also want you to know that those factors look different for everyone. While my wife walks every day, a friend of ours runs at least every 2 days, neither of those work for me… but those are their paths.

Take some time to stop and acknowledge what you have done and leave me a comment about what it is – and it doesn\’t even have to be fitness related. Simply acknowledge the things YOU HAVE DONE!! I can\’t wait to hear about it!! Here\’s to 2021!!!

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