As we get closer to closing out 2020 and moving into 2021, I\’d like to share this poem written by one of my clients (shared with their permission). I found it so incredibly moving and powerful and I hope you do too… enjoy!


Walking behind my father trying to follow
But sometimes I make a turn when he doesn’t 
Into the darkness I collide 
But he’s never far, shining his light 
He’s searching for me
He’s never far behind 
Sometimes another light shows up and tries to trick me 
And then it gets foggy 
My father doesn’t like when people try to trick me 

Running behind my father, I’m excited! I know the way! 
He tells me to slow down
I don’t listen 
“But papa! I know the way! Follow me!” 
I step on something sharp, the pain radiates through my entire body
I fall crying 
There’s pain in his eyes because he tried to warn me

My father, I know he loves me 
he\'s always chasing after me 
he hugs me 
he allows me to lay on his lap and cry
he never tells me “told you so” 
My Father, He’s alive 
He’s the One that lives inside
Allowing me to be whole 
To thrive
I know my Father loves me 
He sees all the things that I can’t 
Son of God 
Not the son of man 
He’s the beginning and the end 
He makes my world go ‘round 


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