As I stated in a previous post, music speaks to me often! Well, here\’s another song that truly puts into words what many of us are experiencing with the current cycle of awakening/reckoning/call to action we are in…

Photo by Rachel Claire on Pexels.com

From their album \”Miracle Pill\”, the Goo Goo Dolls single \”Fearless\” truly puts words to what being fearless means!! Here\’s a small portion of the lyrics (around the 2:30 mark of the song)

\”Hold it close, don\’t ever let it go / I can feel the light inside / Hold it up so that everybody knows / Now is not the time to hide\”

The it being mentioned I believe refers to courage… you must have courage in order to be fearless! Courage to live you dreams, be on your own path, not hide or shy away from the moment to step into greatness! Courage to create the life you want! Courage to be the person you are meant to be!

On a personal note – I was taking my daughter to school one morning and this song came on the radio… we listened to it together and had a little chat about it. A few days after that, my daughter tells me how she talked about this song in class and got her teacher to add it to their playlist!! How awesome is that!? What a great message to absorb!!!

Are you ready to be FEARLESS?


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