Continuing with Virtual Events through the COVID-19 pandemic

It\’s hilarious that literally back in August one of my best friends asked me about these virtual events and how motivated am I to do them… and here we are nearing the end of October and I\’ve done 4 virtual events (Chicago duathlon, Run Across California, Army 10 miler, and BMR Virtual Series) with a 5th (Turkey Trot) on the horizon! As far as motivation during this pandemic, finding just about anything to stay motivated to exercise, keep moving, or just plain old not sit on my ass has been difficult!!!! (as I\’m sure it has been for the rest of everyone else)

While some people may have a hard time paying for a virtual event, I\’ve had a pretty solid event schedule over the last 2-3 years (10 registered events in 2019), so I\’m used to paying for events. The cool thing about virtual events is, 1) you do not have to budget for travel/food, 2) most times the swag is even better than a live event, and 3) you get to do them on your own time! There might be a limit of days or dates you need to accomplish the event, but it\’s not all crammed into 1 specific day or within specified hours. Now the flipside to virtual events is that I do miss the camaraderie that is felt at the event or participating in an event with friends. I\’ve been able to stay connected virtually with friends and having different communities to share with has definitely helped (future posts on having communities later). So while doing these virtual events, I\’ve also been able to maintain a (current) streak of running at least 20 miles/month and biking at least 100 miles/month since March. If I can keep this streak going to finish out 2020, that will be a pretty damn good accomplishment! Stay safe, healthy, and happy!

Below are the 4 virtual events I\’ve participated in (the BMR Virtual series is on going at the time of this post)…. I was actually lucky enough to participate in a live event in 2020 back in February (you can see my live event and the rest of my Spartan journey here My Spartan Journey – AROO!!!)

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