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Please read my open letter on The Unsealed (www.theunsealed.com – written by Lauren) about how I felt walking through the neighborhood of Belle Haven (about a week before the letter was posted). Some very heavy and powerful emotions were triggered that day and it\’s a shame for anyone to have to feel this way. Lauren completely captured the raw emotion and thoughts that I had. Also see what her personal response was as I was telling her my story. At first we were not going to do an open letter, but after I sent Lauren what I had journaled about my feelings and thoughts from the experience, she immediately agreed that this needed to be told. There have already been some positive responses to my letter – from complete strangers too! So please read my letter, see her personal response, and even check out some of the other letters on the site. If you are moved, (like I was many months ago) give some thought to becoming a monthly subscriber… there are so many more stories that NEED to be heard, and this is The Unsealed is a platform trying to give people a voice that otherwise would be kept silent…

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