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Hey LiveAllGood family!! My apologies for missing my usual blog post a couple weeks ago, but my personal life has required a bit more attention and focus on being present than usual. No worries though, I am doing well and continuing to provide you with what I hope to be useful insights, information, and overall tools to keep working towards that best version of yourself!!

  • Coaching Updates
    • The programs and services have been updated, so please take a look here https://liveallgood.com/home/. Want to try coaching? Something you\’d like to see? Contact me and let\’s have a conversation about how I can help you reach your goals!
    • Stay tuned to the programs and initiatives that are in development, exciting things ahead!
    • New functional exercises have been posted! You can find the latest blog post with the new exercises here https://liveallgood.com/training/functional-excercises/. Take a look at them and give them a try! Don\’t forget to subscribe to the food and nutrition blog too… it\’s updated monthly but you can also go back to find older posts with some great recipes!
  • Podcast updates
    • Episode 5 of the 5 part series on Essential Oils published on October 17th
    • Monthly episodes of \”Move The Needle\” are growing in listenership! Stay tuned to upcoming initiatives and episodes!
    • Want to be part of the LiveAllGood podcast? Send comments or ideas on the episodes to https://anchor.fm/liveallgood/support. You can also choose the option to donate as well… do what feels right to you! Definitely enjoy the episodes!

I\’ll be back in a couple weeks with a new coaching blog post… so until then, stay safe, healthy, and happy! Remember to perform your civic duty and exercise your right to vote on or before November 3rd! Civic participation is critical for us to achieve our greatness together! Mask up, social distance, and help protect each other through this unprecedented time!!

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