You folding or playing?

Make no mistake about it… the system we are all born into here in the U.S., the system that was created by the \”forefathers\” of this country, definitely needs to be replaced with a system that exemplifies and lives up to the actual words that those same forefathers wrote!


Does that mean you cannot live up to your greatness? ABSOLUTELY NOT!! While there are many of us on many different fronts working hard to create that system of equity, you must continue to \”play your hand all the way through!!\” We all have circumstances that affect our lives, many of them out of our control. The one choice we can control is how we educate ourselves to do better and be better, no matter the situation!

Listen to it explained another way… (click the link below)


Now look at the hand you were dealt… you folding or playing it all the way through? Your choice…

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