Training through quarantine

Even though we are practicing social distancing and taking precautions not to infect each other with COVID-19, I\’ve been able to adapt a bit and have gotten more running and biking in. I have biking totals of 100+ miles for 3 straight months (Feb., Mar., and Apr.) and my running totals have been 20+ since January. This is all mixed in with being in quarantine, being my daughter\’s teacher for the remote learning and all that entailed, and still going into work when I was scheduled (social distancing schedule was implemented in our office). I\’ve been able to mix in some home workouts here and there and small challenges to keep myself going… but the true work has happened with the diet. I\’ve been able to lose about 5 or 6 pounds (not from stress) by truly maintaining a decent diet and not going completely off the rails! Check out the rest of my site, and if coaching will help you maintain or get over the hump… well don\’t hesitate to reach out!

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