My Spartan Journey – AROO!!!

AROO!! AROO!! AROO!! This Spartan journey began in 2018 and I had no clue what an OCR (Obstacle Course Race) was and no idea what I was getting into!! But there are NO REGRETS!!!! Not only has training for a Spartan has pushed me further than I would have ever imagined, but I\’ve done them with some incredible people! Spartans are probably one of the most difficult OCRs since there are penalties of burpees for not completing an obstacle… and that\’s what keeps me coming back!! I want to see if I can complete a Spartan with NO BURPEES!!! Even developed a junior Spartan along the way!!! Enjoy the pics from the races… (also did a Terrain Race too)

2018 Stadion Sprint Nationals Stadium

2018 Spartan Sprint – Mechanicsville MD

2019 Stadion Sprint Nationals Stadium

2019 Spartan Sprint – Mechanicsville MD

2019 Terrain Race – Fort Washington MD

2020 Spartan Sprint – Fort McDowell AZ

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