Imagine… What if?

Sometimes, actually A LOT, music speaks to me! This song \”Too Close\” by Alex Clare speaks to me every time I listen to it and it\’s one of my anchors!! While I realize it was most likely meant as a relationship breakup song, I\’d like to offer this perspective…

Often times when I\’m coaching clients, I find that they are very good at supporting others in their life but find it extremely challenging to support themselves with that same energy. I feel this deeply because I\’ve been there. What if, just what if, you listen to these lyrics and imagine you are talking to YOURSELF? Just imagine… what if… just what if you thanked your \”old\” self for getting you to this point in life but you no longer need that \”protection\”? What if you could be \”true to yourself\” and step into who you really are meant to be? What if you are \”just to close to love\” your \”old self\” and you need to \”be on your way\”… to that version of you that is GREATNESS???


Now… listen to the song again with that perspective… what greatness can you achieve by \”not lying anymore, not hiding anymore, and being true to yourself\”???


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