Don\’t be afraid of TOFU

Now that\’s a headline grabber! Ok, maybe not, LOL, but the point is when you\’re experimenting with your diet to add more plant based foods, do not be afraid to try new things!! Tofu gets a bad rep sometimes, but unless you\’re allergic to soy, talk to people about tofu and how they use it… explore tofu, and other foods you might be nervous about, with curiosity and an open mind! Worst case scenario is if there\’s something you try that you don\’t like, you do not have to try it the same way again. Maybe down the road you try that food prepared a different way or with some different seasonings, or quite simply your palate changed over time!!

I knew about tofu years ago and always thought it was scrambled eggs when I saw my uncle cooking it. Some 35-40 years later, who knew I would be cooking \”scrambled eggs\” the same way he did! There are many different types of tofu… my preference is the firm or extra firm. You can prepare it the same way you might crumble ground meat. Two important things I\’ve learned about tofu – 1) the less water it has, the more flavor it will retain. So make sure to press/squeeze the water out (I do it by hand) 2) tofu does take on the flavor of the food it\’s cooked or paired with, so make sure to season it heavily! If you think you\’ve seasoned it way too much, it\’s probably still not enough, LOL!

So… don\’t be afraid to explore and experiment with new food as you look for ways to improve your diet. Don\’t get stuck in the mindset that eating more plant based means your only option is a salad! Depending on your needs, you may need to add more fiber or protein, which can be done without meat! Feel free to browse some of my recipes here https://liveallgood.com/food-recipes-nutrition/ or even check out some of my lifestyle specific recipes here https://liveallgood.com/food-recipes-nutrition/recipe-roundup/. Below you\’ll find some pics of a vegetarian meal I prepared with tofu. If you want to know about the other things I paired with it, leave a comment below or send me a message! Enjoy expanding your diet and palate!!

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