Fruit and Yogurt Parfait


  • Greek Yogurt (or non-dairy yogurt)
  • Cool Whip or Whipped Cream
  • Frozen fruit of choice
  • Granola of choice
  1. In a seal-able container, add 1 or 2 cups of the Greek yogurt (or use the suggested serving size if 2 cups is too much)
  2. Add the frozen fruit (usually 1 or 2 servings of the suggested serving size on the package)
  3. Add the cool whip (2 to 3 tablespoons)
  4. Add the granola and put the top on the container
  5. Once the fruit softens, mix and enjoy

The fruit and yogurt parfait pictured uses Dannon Triple Zero Vanilla Greek yogurt, frozen blueberries & raspberries, and Nature Valley Vanilla Granola

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