What we need more of right now…

While the bitmoji .gifs playfully and happily illustrate my point, I\’ve been thinking a lot about the message they represent. What\’s one thing that\’s pretty much a constant and lasts longer than just about anything? Diamonds… well, nah. Money… nope. Material things or physical things (including our own bodies)… again, nope. What about feelings? Are they constant? Some feelings and thoughts might linger around too long, but most tend to pass on just like anything else. You\’ve heard me talk about gratitude before (my last blog post before this one) and what\’s another aspect of gratitude besides thankfulness or being in a season of investing? Figured it out yet? Right… it\’s LOVE!! Even when people move on from this world, when things fade away, love is normally one of the last things that\’s left. Love for our families, our pets, even love for some of those material things… love simply outlasts everything. One of the best things that ties love into gratitude is by showing love to other people! Think about the last time you did something nice for someone for no obvious reason… a simple \”thank you\”, a smile, \”good morning\”, or a random act of kindness… how did YOU feel afterwards? THAT is the power of love… Lifting Others Very Easily always raises the frequency to a higher level and radiates those good vibes that we all need!! I\’ll end this post by saying this… remember to love yourself too!!

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