The Mountain Pose


Happy summer! I want to introduce the mountain pose. It makes me so calm and sets the tone for the asana and the day. Come on! Let’s dive into it! Mountain pose/Samasthiti – stand tall with your arms at your sides. Relax your shoulders. Point your fingers downward. The palms can be inward or turned outward. 


Whenever I get into this posture, I feel the light shining on my face whether I am indoors or outdoors. I strive to hold my best posture; straight back, chin up (not jutting out), softened shoulders and neck (no straining), and sticking my chest out (slightly). I check my breath. Is it steady? Am I breathing into the chest or the stomach? Breathing into the stomach actually means expanding the abdominal muscles on the inhale and contracting on the exhale. It strengthens the abdominal muscles. Have I decided to keep my eyes open or closed? I like to close my eyes. 


The sunlight feels warm and comfortable… like a lightweight, soft blanket has been draped over my face. I see flashes of brightness dancing across my closed eyelids. I am aware of some type of connection that I cannot define. I do not feel alone… and I am grateful. I start listing all that I am grateful for in that moment. Periodically checking my spine and my joints, remembering to keep my shoulders relaxed and breathe. I am in preparation for the next movement. Knowing that this time, I am a little bit more flexible than I was yesterday. I can stand proudly. I returned to the mat, one more time. I am establishing a routine to care for my body and mind. Come on. Let’s do it, together! 




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