Tacx bicycle trainer and Garmin 530 Edge bike computer

Felt good to get a ride in without having to find a trail or prepare for the weather!! The tacx trainer is pretty awesome! I\’ll leave a more detailed review after having used it for a bit, along with a review of the garmin 530 Edge bike computer (I want to use that outside too)… but so far, they were worth the purchase to simply be able to get some miles indoors and this will come in extremely handy whenever I start training for the longer events (ironman 70.3)… man I gotta clean my squeaky chain! LOL

2 thoughts on “Tacx bicycle trainer and Garmin 530 Edge bike computer”

  1. My only ask is that you get a mat for the trainer to keep your floor clean, once you get spinning I have had to get on my knees and clean the tire pieces that got into the floor and wipe up all my sweat. The spinner wheel strips the tire tread off.
    Also I hope you get a separate wheel for your trainer, it keeps from wearing out your wheels unevenly. I am really glad you found something for indoor that works.
    I wish I had purchased a full smart trainer I didn’t get all the necessary pieces to have Zwift control my tension yet. Maybe that will be where my next stimulus check goes if it comes.. LOL..

    1. Definitely getting a mat 😁👍🏾… wiped all the sweat anyhow which is why I chose the hardwood floor 👌🏾

      Didn’t realize that about the wheel, great tip! I’ll look into that eventually…

      Let me know when that stimulus check hits 🤔🤣

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