Stop touching the hot stove!!

Now that I have you\’re attention… accountability is everything! Even more important is personal accountability! If you cannot be honest with yourself or keep your word with yourself, how do you expect others to do the same with you?


So what does touching a hot stove have to do with accountability? Watch this clip I found on Instagram… while it\’s specifically talking about toxic relationships, it illustrates my point very clearly…



The good thing is building personal accountability is like any other muscle… the more you use it, the stronger you build it! It will take effort and courage to peel back some layers to find out why we\’re not accountable. Once those layers are peeled away, the light will shine in those dark corners and you\’ll be able to find the truth, thus becoming more empowered by living it!

Are you still touching the hot stove or are you ready to heal your burns?

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