Rice, Cabbage, Egg Mixture

Tapping into the Middle East for what looks like a fantastic, yummy, and simple recipe!! I truly can\’t wait to try this!! YouTube for the win!!!

Rice Cabbage Egg MixRicette Arabe (arabic recipe)


  • 1 cup of rice
  • Half head of white cabbage
  • 4 eggs
  • olive oil
  • Salt
  • Black pepper


  1. Cook the rice (per instructions on package). Set aside
  2. Cut/shred cabbage
  3. In medium pan, cook the cabbage with the olive oil for about 5 minutes (until a little browned and tender)
  4. Add the cooked rice to the cabbage. Spread the rice on top of the cabbage
  5. Add the eggs on top of the rice
  6. Cook for about 5 min. Mix well 
  7. Add salt and pepper. Continue to mix until eggs are thoroughly cooked
  8. When done, spoon mixture into a bowl and enjoy (additional seasoning optional)

You can find the recipe on YouTube here https://youtu.be/Vr2nGTNbUyk

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