Ready to Let Go?

While James Bay\’s amazing song \”Let It Go\” (2014) focuses on a relationship with another person, I think it can actually speak to the relationship you have with yourself! Here are a few of the lyrics to illustrate my point…


\”All this delusion in our heads, Is gonna bring us to our knees\”

  • The longer we hold on to and believe the stories we tell ourselves about what we cannot do, the heavier the burden of trying to live up to those inaccurate and unrealistic expectations.

\”I used to recognize myself, It\’s funny how reflections change – When we\’re becoming something else, I think it\’s time to walk away\”

  • Related to the stories we hold on to is also the way we see ourselves. If/when we do not recognize the person that we see, or more accurately if what is continually being reflected back to us is unrecognizable, walk away only to recreate the image that gives a \”true reflection\”.

\”Tryna push this problem up the hill, When it\’s just too heavy to hold – Think now is the time to let it slide\”

  • Without addressing a problem (sometimes having to look deeply within) and finding possible solutions, all we\’re doing is pushing it further uphill as it collects extra problems along the way. Sometimes it\’s not your burden to carry and letting it slide is the solution.

\”Everything that\’s broke, Leave it to the breeze\”

  • This speaks clearly to the ability to simply let it go. There are many things that are out of your control (broken). Instead of pushing them uphill, carrying them, or trying to fix them, let the breeze carry them away as they are not things you can change.

What do you need to let go of today?

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