Now that I have your attention (LOL)…


Frequently you hear me talk about or read my posts about things like gratitude, positivity, and choosing kindness. While I may sound like a broken record, those things are truly important when trying to find peace and solid footing in times of uncertainty. You may also have questions like \”what do I have to be grateful for?\” or \”how can you be positive when there\’s nothing but chaos in my life?\” While there are no direct or easy answers to questions like these, here\’s what I can share with you… Keep It Simple Silly! Or even a little different version is Keep It Simple and Silly!

Keeping it simple means exactly that… simple. Try not to over think gratitude. Start with 1 thing you\’re grateful for or 1 thing that\’s positive. Next time, increase that to 2 things. It\’s like anything else, it takes some effort and practice, but learning to recognize and acknowledge the things and people that we DO have trains the mind to focus the positive instead of the negative. Remember, practicing positive thinking does not mean negative things do not happen, it means you do not let the negative things dominate your actions or thoughts. Give them their proper due, but not to dwell in the negativity. Being thankful for having another chance to set right what was unbalanced before is usually a good place to start… like when you wake up and open your eyes! Also remember to try and have some fun! All work and no play makes you ________ (fill in the blank yourself, LOL) . Now go be great!!!

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