Introducing 47 Strings Mystic Yoga

Hi there! I am Lisa! As the creator, founder, and CEO of 47 Strings Mystic Yoga, I will get to the special meaning of the name in time. First, I want to tell you why I delayed the start of this blog. I was too “busy”… or so I told myself. I share custody of my two youngest boys. Their father had to make an emergency trip out of town and I had to keep the boys two weeks in a row. They are involved in a percussion performance group that has rehearsals 3 days a week, and they have lessons once a week, so on and so forth. Also, one of my sons has an attention deficit and I must be present during his school hours. Plus, my 17 year old has a part time job and doesn’t drive yet. There is also the usual motherhood stuff; cooking, cleaning, chauffeur(ing), keeping them organized. 

As I look back at all that I have written, there is nothing here about me! I’ve spent the better part of the last two decades putting everyone first. I put all of my family’s needs above my own. There was nothing left except for exhaustion and fatigue. Recently divorced, I am rewriting my narrative. I must change it if I want 47 Strings to get off the ground and run successfully. Which means I must be honest with myself and my two teenagers about how life works and that we are to live as a team. I am not their servant. It will be quite an undertaking because I had taken on that role as a wife. I did far too much FOR them. They are perfectly capable of taking on more responsibility here, where we all reside…together

Bear with me as I flip my own household upside down and carve out my own peace and happiness! Yoga is one of my routes to peace. Teaching yoga brings me so much joy as I guide others to open our minds, and bodies, to movement we never thought our bodies could achieve! This is your invitation to jump on this ride with me!

This blog is intended to provide advice about yoga postures, meditation, eating, hydration, finding joy, and manifesting the things we desire. We’re going to have fun together! Let’s start today by stepping outside and taking ten deep breaths. Make it a daily ritual, no matter the weather. If the weather is hazardous for breathing… well that’s a different story, always stay safe! Otherwise, get that outside air into your lungs and discover how good it feels! 


Next post: Dew walking and walking meditation.

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