\”I Choose You\”

Well, as you know from previous posts, music is deeply part of my life! I definitely notice a difference when I haven\’t listened to my playlist \”Peace & Harmony\” that lifts my soul! I have other playlists too – some for workouts and runs, others for keeping me focused while creating content. Here\’s a favorite of mine that I\’d like to share today…


The song \”I Choose You\” by Sara Bareilles is one of many songs I love from her! While this is a love song, or more accurately a love letter to a significant other, I\’d like to offer this reframe…

Listen to the song and imagine this… instead of the lyrics being said to someone else, what if you were saying this to yourself? Let that sink in for a moment… how amazing could your life be if you chose YOU? What does that look like when you can \”tell the world that we finally got it all right\”?


So many times we are conditioned to think that choosing ourselves is a bad, that being selfish is a bad thing. Think of the often used cliche about putting on your oxygen mask first before helping someone else… being selfish is a good thing – it fortifies you so you can continue to be in service of others. Being self-centered and placing yourself ahead of others only for your gain is what should not be done.

So… are you ready to see and feel what choosing yourself looks like? Contact me to find out how we can do that together!!


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