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Being a health and life coach is not just about helping people change the food they eat or think about how they are feeling. It\’s truly about reconnecting the mind and body to create a synergistic lifestyle in order to continually be that highest version of yourself! Well, that synergy also includes items and products that are not food and in alignment with your lifestyle.

You can check out the podcast series on Essential Oils here https://anchor.fm/liveallgood/episodes/Essential-Oils—Episode-1-of-a-5-part-series-efe6q1

Today\’s post is about natural bath and skin products… I\’d like to introduce Hunny Bunny Boutique – http://hunnybunny.boutique/#feed-your-skin – a small, black owned business that makes bath and beauty products from all natural sources! There are so many benefits to using these natural products… and how cool is it that this boutique is close to where I live!! So I\’m not only supporting a local, black-owned business, but I\’m also able to walk to pick up my orders – getting more functional movement into my life!! The pictures of the products you see are the ones I use currently. Having had psoriasis most of my life, I cannot begin to say how many times I\’ve tried so many different medications to keep it under control or simply manage it. Well, in the short time I\’ve been using these products from hunny bunny, OH MY!!! GAME CHANGER for me!!! I\’m no longer putting the chemicals on my skin and absorbing them into my body. Did I mention that hunny bunny boutique also ships? Check them out online or on any of their social media platforms. They are super friendly and try to answer any questions you may have before making a purchase. I am not a dermatologist and neither are they, nor do they claim to be, but using these natural skin care products has been such a great personal decision and I hope if you\’re reading this, you seriously consider trying to add more natural products in your life as well. Stay tuned because we\’ll be doing a podcast episode with Hunny Bunny Boutique soon…

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