Fill in the Blank…

Wishes, and dreams, are amazing things! If your \”lucky\”, wishes and dreams become goals! The truth is… it\’s not luck at all. Wishes and dreams only become goals with action!



How do you get to the action to turn your wish into a goal? 1) Start with a vision. What does it look like? How does it feel? 2) Research your vision. See if there are similar things already out there. Who do you need to involve? 3) Create a plan. Your plan needs to include steps that are achievable. The bigger the plan, the smaller the steps! Also, be flexible about your plan. There\’s more than one way to get from a wish to a goal! 4) Execute your plan. Take actions every day that move you along the plan that will lead to the goal!


So as you think about the new year that\’s right around the corner, and you \”fill in the blank\” with your wish, here\’s something to think about… do you want to keep it as a wish or do you want to turn it into a goal?

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