Empower yourself fully by seeking the truth

It is CRITICAL to sift through information that is put out for consumption and be able to find THE TRUTH! I encourage and challenge you to take the time and find it for yourself… while I reference Nat Turner as a truth-seeker, a much more recent example of a truth-seeker would be the late Chadwick Boseman. These men provide EXCELLENT examples of using your own intelligence and interpretation of given information, then finding the truth in that information in order to have lived their lives with purpose. What are you going to do with the information you\’re given?

Below are a few links I\’m sharing (I referenced this in the video) to help you along in finding the truth about politicians and what their records are, how they\’re funded and who\’s funding their campaigns, and much, much more information. It\’s out there – you must seek the truth for yourself!!

votesmart.org – type in the politician or candidate name, and once their picture pops up, click on it. Then click on a folder to find the information you\’re looking for. Just using the \”votes\” folder is very clear cut and user friendly. You can see what they voted on and what happened to the bill as well. You can also use this to track funding, positions, and ratings of the politician you\’re searching

govtrack.us – tracks all the recorded votes on the US Senate and House floor. Accurate tracking of Congressional voting but not very user friendly. It does have a search function to try and find legislation that may affect you personally based on the categories given in the search function. While highly accurate in tracking the complete life of Senate and House bills, it will require some time and effort, but the in-depth information is extremely useful and informative

pewresearch.org – reputable site from Pew Research Center. Provides lots of information with several categories to search and links to articles about a wide variety of topics. This definitely requires some time and effort to go through and find specifics

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