That’s a strong word in the title, and it carries different weight for everyone when they think about commitment. While this post is definitely about sharing what commitment means to me, I also want to take the time and use it to “restore integrity” as I re-enter the digital world of social media.


I’ve been off of social media for a few months for a variety of reasons. I will not go into details of those reasons as they are irrelevant to what this post about. While I have been off social media, I can guarantee you that I have been committed… committed to my coaching business (including podcasting) and everything that comes along with being an entrepreneur, committed to my family and friends, committed to some long term social impact projects (groundwork for those is currently underway), committed to continued learning and personal development, and committed to connecting with my fellow humans right where they are! Yet, with as deeply as I am committed to these things, something was missing… my commitment to myself! While keeping to some commitments, I compromised in other areas I was committed to with myself.

So today, I restored integrity (as in made whole) my commitment to myself to being me! I’m still committed to those things I mentioned previously, because they need, require, and deserve my attention! But I am recommitting to myself in full, because I’m the only ME I have!!


You will see me slowly returning to the social media world, in a way that feels aligned with my commitment to myself! I’ll continue to use social media to promote things like my online course Being A Better Man, provide updates with the LiveAllGood Podcast, or share awareness about the previously mentioned social impact projects I’m involved with and developing!

So now the real question is… what are you committed too? I appreciate ALL of you and go make it a great day!!


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