Are you ready…?


\”Ready for what?\” you ask… we\’ll get to that in a second

After you read this post and check out the Instagram reel (from coach Rachel Sands), I want you to do a search on perfectionism. As someone who is a recovering perfectionist, going down the rabbit hole after searching perfectionism scared the shit out of me!! While it\’s not considered a mental illness, perfectionism can lead to a lower quality of life (anxiety, eating disorders, and depression just to name a few things).


My question to you – as it has been many times to myself – what are you waiting for? The right time? The perfect time? As the cliche goes, tomorrow may never come! Let\’s reframe that \”what are you waiting for?\” to \”are you ready? LET\’S GO!\”


If it\’s already \”perfect\”, then there\’s no room to grow. There\’s no room to help others and watch them grow because you\’re expectation will be for them to be perfect on the first try.

Are you ready? Take a deep breath and let\’s jump in the deep end… together!!! Let\’s work together so you can \”do the thing\”!


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