Empowerment Through Coaching

Coaching Philosophy

My coaching philosophy is fairly simple and based around two words (that you will hear me say often) – Inevitable Success. What is Inevitable Success? What does Inevitable Success mean? Simply put, it means setting the conditions for you to achieve your desired goal. It sounds easy, but so many times we let things get in our way. WE actually create the roadblocks that prevent us from not just reaching our desired goals, but also keep us from getting to our real truth. Only when using, 


and trusting your intuition, can you get to your real truth and achieve that higher version of yourself. As the coach, it’s my job to hold that space for you, without judgement. It’s also my job to help guide you in reconnecting your mind and body to be in alignment so you can trust your intuition. Along the way, you may find that your goals change, and my intention is to help you be accountable, show up for yourself, and step into that best version of YOU!

One to One Coaching

One to One Coaching (1:1) is exactly that, one on one sessions with the coach…ME!! We’ll have weekly sessions, creating the conditions with purposeful action steps toward reaching your desired goals! One to one coaching happens several ways – over the phone, in-person, or by video chat (multiple platforms available). My 1:1 coaching uses my R4 Framework – Recognition, Reframing, Rewriting, and Reimagining. I take clients through this framework step by step to get to their desired goals and beyond!

Organizational/Group Coaching

Organizational Coaching is often about resetting the culture of an organization, but can also be used to enhance its current culture. Once observations/assessments and introductory sessions have been conducted, my L.E.A.D. (Listening, Empathy, Acknowledgement, Development) program can be implemented, and customized if necessary, to achieve the fastest results for maximum effect.

While the structure of Group Coaching is based off of the 1:1 coaching structure, there are obvious differences. Group coaching sessions are tailored more towards the need of the group… they can be weekly, bi-weekly, or bi-monthly. Also, group coaching can be a mix of smaller, related goals for individuals within the group or one main goal for the group. Group coaching is beneficial because it offers the dynamic of listening to shared experiences, reinforces empathy and accountability within the group, and provides a safe, non-judgmental space for everyone to explore their own truths!

Content Editing Service

LiveAllGood Coaching also provides a content editing service for small businesses and entrepreneurs! With almost 30 years experience in broadcast television and production, let us help you create the content to match your vision! I had my own production company from 2006-2008, doing various things like weddings, high school concerts, demo reels for high school athletes, and even a few commercials! Now I want to help you edit your content to create a professional look at a reasonable cost!

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