\”There is no spoon\” mindset

Mindset… probably one of the most important things that affects us. Mindset is how you think, and how you think affects how you act. Guess what?… How you act then affects how you feel… are you seeing the pattern? Having a positive mindset is so critical to all aspects of our health…and having a positive mindset doesn\’t mean you don\’t have negative thoughts, it simply means you do not let those negative thoughts control your actions.

I cannot definitively classify myself as a blerd or a bleek, but I do love sci-fi movies and books. So do you remember the movie The Matrix? The very first movie of the trilogy… there\’s so much going on in this movie but one scene in particular clearly illustrates what mindset is all about. Here\’s the scene I\’m referring too…

In the moments proceeding Neo meeting with the Oracle, he finds himself in a waiting room amidst other people, mostly children, seeking to find out if they are ‘The One’. He encounters a young boy entirely monk-like in appearance. His head is shaven and he’s draped in a robe much akin to a saffron, the traditional garb of Buhhdist monks. The boy is holding a spoon and making it bend purely by his intent. Neo pauses, perplexed. The boy then says “Do not try and bend the spoon, that’s impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth… there is no spoon. Then you’ll see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.” Neo then attempts to bend the spoon, with momentary success.

This is EXACTLY what mindset is all about. Our minds create so many constructs that try to reason and use logic that keep us limited in what we can achieve. We tell ourselves the story that \”I\’m this or that, and because I am that, I cannot do this\”. Once we understand that WE are what\’s holding us back (there is no spoon), the clarity and focus opens up for us to achieve anything that we set our minds too! Let go of the self-doubt, self-limiting beliefs and trust in your ability to do and be who you want to be!! It takes effort, work, determination, and a plan. The impossible is only impossible until it\’s done!! Remember… there is no spoon!

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