Spending time with the most important person in your life

Unprecedented and unsettling times we\’re in right now… the things we thought were important and how we defined ourselves seem to be completely upside down! It can be a challenge to simply find your footing on a daily basis. While this COVID-19 pandemic has taken countless lives and continues to be relentless in its pursuit to take more, let\’s make sure it\’s not in vain. While we mourn the losses and cherish the memories of our loved ones, the beautiful thing is we get to carry on their legacies! In order to do that, we must take this time to look inside ourselves and redefine what matters and what\’s important. Instead of being in a rush to go back to \’normal\’, we need to figure out what parts of \’normal\’ still serve our purpose, then create our new normal. This requires taking time with the most important person in our lives – ourselves. Being present with ourselves instead of trying to distract ourselves will show us the solutions and answers we are searching for… we get to create the life we want! Know that, even right now, you are enough and you are exactly where you need to be on your journey! Better days will come, and it requires strength, patience, and faith to get there. And we will get there TOGETHER!

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