Become Your Own Mountain

There\’s so magical and majestic about mountains! Their sheer size alone is amazing! While mountains can stand alone, mountain ranges are even more impressive! I\’d like to point out three (3) \"\"things about mountains that we can apply to ourselves – becoming our own mountains!

First, mountains have a solid base. They are strong, wide, and stable. The stronger the base, the higher the peak! Second, mountains are strong at their core. Yes, there are times when they shake and sometimes break up, but they never completely break apart. That temporary \”shake up\” helps mountains build higher peaks! Lastly, mountains take time to grow! The largest and highest mountains have taken hundreds of years to reach their height!


Now, think about the positive changes you\’re ready to make… first building your base (learning) will help make those changes sustainable. Second, continuing to build a wider network of like minded people (a community) will strengthen your core (beliefs) AND help sustain you during those temporary moments of crumbling and break ups. Lastly, it will take a commitment from you, over time, to achieve those goals and reach your peak!

So how are mountains and people related? In order to reach your \”peak\”, it takes a strong base, unshakeable core, and commitment over time.

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